Some of the comments received by American Patrol after it announced cessation of online reporting

Dec. 29, 2006

Time won't allow posting all of them, but we thank each and everyone who took the time to tell us how you feel about The American Patrol Report. We will do our utmost to continue to earn your support.

We must tell you that The American Patrol Report is not part of American Border Patrol. Why? Because ABP is a non-profit corporation, and donations are tax deductible. Tax rules restrict the activity of non-profits like ABP. For example, ABP cannot advocate for or against any candidate. This is why The American Patrol Report is a separate entity.

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I work for ICE and I rely on your daily compilations do keep an eye on what's going on both sides every day and to share these stories with others. No one else presents such a comprehensive overview of nationwide immigration stories to keep up with what's happening with the pro-illegal advocates and those who support enforcement and oppose illegal immigration. Please keep it up! Anonymous

Count me in as someone who wants your web site to continue. I always link to first every morning to see what is happening re: immigration issues. Please reconsider and stay online. Thank you. Beverly MacKenzie San Juan Capistrano, CA

I Look at Your news site every day.Thanks for ALL of your work,You are a true American.Please keep us posted.I understand You must do what You have to do.I will miss You.


It is with deep appreciation that I can truly offer you my sincere thanks for supplying to myself and other concerned Americans the information that you have been providing. I do hope and pray that you will reconsider your decision to "close the doors", so to speak. At 64, it is very easy to see the apathy and ignorance (read stupidity) among the great majority of the American populace.

There are many underlying reasons for this taking place. However, more and more are beginning to see the truth in the fact that we are and have been, for many many decades, being lied to and used by those we thought that we could believe in and trust. Sadly, the American Indian saw and experienced it first (and quite possibly worst) thus leading to a famous phrase, "The White man speak with forked tongue." Referring, of course, to those in and under Washington and its control.

As these people begin to seek for the truth, it must be available to them. Even only a few sources is better than none. I personally feel that each such site should offer links to similar known honest and confident sites .... from similar to various types.

Again, may God Bless you and your efforts, Glenn ....regardless of your final decision,

Jim Kimbrough -- Alabama

Glenn, Please reconsider your decision to stop OL reporting. Aside from the number of people I've sent to AP to keep abreast of what's happening, the only alternatives are websites operated by money-grubbers who continually brag about the number of hits on their site to raise money. Sandy Miller Phoenix

I glad you're reconsidering. I believe you're the number 1 source everyone depends on. If there is anything we can do on this end please feel free to contact me! Shannon Glenn, we've met several times at rallies, including the Anaheim City Hall attack, but a moronic neurologist nearly crippled me a month after the Anaheim attack and I've been limited to activism via the Internet. Without American Patrol, I would be lost! Please, keep it going for those of us who have limited ability to participate! Should American Patrol cease to exist, I want to thank you for your Patriotism and Courage throughout the years! -- David Kendrick -- Buena Park, ca.

Your One fine American and we will miss you very much. Please keep us posted on what you are doing with the Beef program. We will sadly miss you great job that you have done patrolling the border etc.

Keep the web site operating.

I will send what money I can, when I can.

Dear Glenn, I just wanted to tell you how upset I was this morning when I read of your intention to not provide daily news. I was equally gladdened when I read that you are now reconsidering and probably will continue. It is your site I turn to first thing in the morning for illegal immigration news. If I have a chance, I check it a couple of times during the day, and then I check it again before retiring. You are providing such a critical service for our beloved America ñ I just wish everyone knew how important your work is. I am in awe of what you do, and I probably don't know about more than a fraction of it. I try to do my bit by urging everyone I know to contact our elected representatives on both local and national levels to let them know how we feel about this. I will continue to call and email my representatives, especially right now.

I am in Utah, and local Latino leaders are circulating a petition to state leaders for more humane treatment for undocumented workers after the ICE raid on Swift. It's certainly a worry because our governor is solidly in the McCain camp. However, there are plenty of upset Utahns these days who are getting more and more vocal. That is encouraging. I also plan to contact local media and ask them why they slant stories in favor of illegal aliens rather than telling the truths the public needs to know. Actually, I've already done that with the Salt Lake Tribune and had quite a heated but polite discussion with the editor, not that it did any good. I'll keep hammering at them, though.

I didn't mean for this message to be so long. I really just wanted to express my appreciation to you for what you have done and continue to do. You, sir, are a true American and a hero!

Sincerely, Carolyn Christensen

Dear Mr. Spencer: The American media being what it is you're the primary source for news for myself and many, many people, and from that we're able to keep pressuring our government representatives in an informed way. Thus, you have wider influence than you may realize. I certainly hope you'll be able to continue American Patrol. -- Michael Plesset

Dear Sir, D.A. King has just informed me of your web site and how your work has been most helpful to immigration reform supporters. Unfortunately, I was not aware of your site till now. Given the opportunity, I would definitely use American I hope that you might reconsider your decision to discontinue, especially during these volatile times when victory or total collapse of our immigration policies are so near.What ever you decide, thank you for everything that you have done. Thanks, Dusty Lusk

D.A. King informs me you have decided to discontinue the American Patrol Website. For whatever reasons this may be, I honor your decision and thank you for your invaluable work these past years. You are to be commended. Best wishes to you in your future endeavors. -- Kathleen M. Appell

your site if is indispensable to those of us who read the reports and then go out on the street with that information and tell all our friends and associates about it. Your site gives the warriors in the street some meat to use to defeat the pathetic pro-invasion activists in the country. I will be more than happy to donate money to help keep the site going!! Steve Anderson Science Teacher Peru, IN

Dear Mr. Spencer:

I am overjoyed to read that you are considering keeping the site up!!!! I was Soooo depressed when I read the bad news that you were leaving in two days. It would be a HUGE loss!! I discovered your site 2 years ago while searching for places to learn about illegal immigration. I log in 5 or 6 times a day. It is my first read in the a.m. AP is the PREMIERE site!!!! Nothing can compare to it. You have millions of supporters, and I, for one, contribute financially if you stay on. Kindest regards, Diane Loeffler -- Westwood, CA


I am president of Oregonians for Immigration Reform and as such your website has been an invaluable tool for our organization. I of course do not know the reasons why you are considering closing it down. I hope that there is a chance for reconsideration. If it is a matter of cost would you considering a requirement that people pay a yearly fee to avail themselves of the site?

I would be willing to subscribe if you were willing to continue the site. You have been a great leader in the effort to end illegal immigration. Regardless of what you decide to do, everyone owes you a great deal for all that you have done.

Jim Ludwick

Sir; Its sad to hear that you are going to drop your web-site. I go to it almost every day and think its great. I have supported it in the past and can do so now. If money is a issue please let me,(us) know where to sent a check. But I can understand when a person comes to a end in the road. So many of us older people are trying to save the country and the young do not seem to really give a damn! Everyone has their limits. Best always, Mike Larson, Chelan, Washington 98816.

Dear Glenn, My name is Steve Donahue and as a member of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corp I want to thank you for informing me on the huge problem our c Country faces. It is the valuable info that you provided me and others that inspired me to actively get involved and try to do something about it. Glenn,I don't know the particulars about why you are considering discontinuing your website but I implore you not to throw in the towel!! Keep Fighting The Good Fight Steve Donahue "Wolfpack"

I just got word that you are considering shutting down the web site where articles are posted! PLEASE RECONSIDER! American Patrol is where I first started getting information about this issue. If it had not been for American Patrol, I know I would not be anywhere near as informed on the illegal immigration issue!

When I first started looking into this over two years ago, American Patrol is where I cut my teeth!!!!!! I cannot tell you how important the site has been and is! I tell everyone that will listen to go there! I cannot thank you enough for what you do and to take down the site would be a real blow to those trying to keep informed! PLEASE, PLEASE don't take down the site! I go there everyday and just could not imagine it not being there anymore! We love ya (and Star and the pups also!) Beth

I have been visiting America patrol for quite some time now. When I heard you may be shutting the site down I did what I do best and that is pray. I do not get any immigration news where I live, Southeast Louisiana, and I rely on your site and a couple of others for immigration news. It is my understanding that you may not shut down the site. That is a good thing for "us" who are doing what we can to keep this country free of illegal aliens. Thank you and may God continue to bless you and the United States of America! Laura

Greetings Glenn, Please keep up the good work. Right now times are tight after the holidays, but I will send some monetary support in the middle of January. Living in Houston, I the sad fallacy of so-called enforcement (or lack of) on a daily basis. Your site is THE clearing house for what is going on in this nation in reference to illegal aliens. Appreciate your work.

Best and kind regards,

Terry W. Bryant Houston, Texas

Mr. Glenn Spencer

I am hoping, and praying that you keep your site up and running. So many true Americans follow your news closely and in many cases encourages them to fight on for "Law of The Land". I have participated in Minuteman activities for near two years both here in Washington State and in New Mexico. From many people in addition to the Minutemen your site is often and frequently quoted. I draw upon it for ideas to send thousands of e-mail and faxes to state and federal officials. I use my fax from home to contact "all" congressmen in Washington DC about the dangers of not securing our borders.

I ask you to reconsider your decision.


David A. Brookbank Sr
Gig Harbor Wa

Hi, Glenn: I just wanted to mention again how invaluable I find your news site, along with all of your work on the border. I check it daily and forward some of the articles, hoping to be of some help. For example, I sent your photo of the tossed and trampled American flag after the tantrum in Phoenix last May to a number of people, including legislators here in Georgia. I received a positive response from state Sen. Chip Rogers, who is already on our side. It was a powerful photo. I have learned so much from your comments -- and from Tom's, as well. I count on you to differentiate the good guys from the bad, where I don't have any knowledge of the players. Your weekly roundtable was a great idea, I thought. I learned quite a bit from watching that. And I liked being involved in the border camera watch a year ago. You are always thinking! Of course, I respect your decision to close the news site. But if you could reconsider, I would love it. And, maybe contributions from all of us, large or small, could help out. Thanks very much, and Happy New Year, Donna Hope Atlanta

Dear Glenn Thank you for all that you are trying to do. I have lived 72 years and have seen this country go from a country for Americans to a country of whatever riff raff walks across the border or that that arrives on airplanes. When those muslins started their crap why could we have not stood up and said this is our country if you don't like the way we run get the hell out. Our government has given our country way. Those we sent to Washington to represent us do not represent us at all. They represent bug business that puts the money in their pockets. When election time rolls around I will vote against anyone now in office.

Catherine Stewart

Glenn, I have just returned from a short trip to the Phoenix area over Christmas time. I am disappointed so hear that you may (are) stop the American Patrol Report. This is the main part of checking in on the WFIR website. This information gives everyone the latest on what is happening on the Illegal Alien Immigrant situation. Is this due to costs? If so, why not ask for donations as almost every other site I visit does. Please re-consider this decision. I want to thank you for all the good work in the past and hope you will continue.

Arthur Nation Tacoma, WA


Please don't discontinue the website this is how we find out whatís happening (the truth) to our country because of illegals. We need you! Thanks. -- Sue

THIS IS about the worst news possible for this movement! I don't know how we can function without! EVERYTHING stems from the accurate, up to the second, first class website!!!!

This is such a loss that I can't even begin to calculate the NATIONAL damage - is the reason we can do what we do!!!!

Dear Glenn,

Thank you and your staff and Webmaster Tom for all of the hard word this year._PLEASE reconsider the future of American Patrol we need the information it provides to fight the open borders lobby and the President's amnesty push in 2007! Please keep up the good work! Thanks again, Marti Lewis


What you are doing is extremely important in fighting illegal Immigration and knowing how little, or nothing, our government and President, are doing about it. Please keep your site open for Americas sake. Thank you for all you have done.

LTC Tim Fitzpatrick, Retired

I'm thrilled that you are reconsidering your decision to close down American Patrol. It is so informative, quick and easy to use and something I cannot live without. Let us know about financial donations to keep it going! God Bless You and God Bless America! Happy New Year!

Sincerely, Karin Cloverdale, CA


I cannot tell you how beyond thrilled I was to read Americanpatrol will continue!!!!!

We CANNOT do the immigration movement without Americanpatrol - it is where we all go for the national, up to the second RELIABLE news - the only way we can battle congress, the president, the opposition, etc

Without Americanpatrol we have no ammunition!!!!!!

Whenever anyone talks about the issue, I have my ammo from having read Americanpatrol that day.

If anyone EVER asks me a question about some immigration event, I always go to Americanpatrol to find the answer.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for not ending the BEST website!!!!

Robin Hvidston
Upland, CA


Thank you for continuing to operate your great website.

Before we discovered your site several years ago we had to depend on the mainstream media to keep us updated on this important issue. It's unbelievable how much information we missed on this issue before your site came along. We've been taking it for granted, but it must cost quite a bit to provide the service and now we realize it. We will be contributing regularly from now on. Keep up the good work.

John Estrada
Pleasant Grove, California